Dawn's Ballarat Outsider Abstract Art

Outsider  and Abstract Art, paintings for sale, original oil on canvas, modern and comtemporary by UK-born Ballarat, Aussie artist, Dawn Lim.

dawn's self-portrait

Ballarat's Outsider Artist Dawn Lim

I am a professional visual artist, located  Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

I paint Abstract Paintings in oils on stretched canvas, and I also teach Art classes in all the different genres of Painting, eg Portraits, Landscape and still life.

My painting are for sale. I do take commission works.

Please enjoy my gallery as I am very passionate about my paintings and take great pleasure to show them.

Article in Ballarat's Courier newspaper

article in Courier

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

The Sketchbook Project: 2011 Dawn has signed up for an international project which starts from Brooklyn, N Y, and tours the USA.  Just under a couple of months to complete a sketchbook with a predetermined theme. It will be a good way to promote her in the US and we can track how it went. Dawn’s artist profile on the website is http://arthousecoop.com/users/dawnllim

Autism Quotient Test

Abstract Painting "battle for my soul"

painting "battle for my soul"




oil on canvas

Artist's Statement

When I started the painting “Battle for my soul,” the richness of the deep red paint coupled with the Mars black quite quickly reminded me of my battle to keep my sanity during the worst times of my schizophrenia, and so I integrated the lighter yellows and fleshy pink colours to depict my humanity, my frailty as well as bravery and to remember the place I have in Our Saviour’s heart.

Also the placement of those colours, I think stand as a platform to balance and support the stand I have made to choose my medication over my illness, I am stronger for it, which now I am very grateful for.



oil on canvas
0.9m X 1.2m

Dawn Lim 2010

This painting began in 2008, and although I liked the color mix I was not happy with the conformity of the brush strokes. As I worked on the successive layers of the painting the surface was getting quite thick and crusty, but before I knew it, it looked better to my critical eye.

I was very pleased that my brush strokes could not be read for their complexity, and I felt the inclusion of the white paint complemented the original colors. It was then I saw a face like feature reminding me of a mummy with dried skin stretched across its ancient skull so I dressed the head with a headdress of circles implying the so called God’s eye from South America.

Finally as to the finished product of the painting, every time I look at it I see what I can only hope to describe as illusionary areas of abstract depths & surfaces that appear when laying certain colors down that recede, and others that are transparent and others that come forward seeming to float on the surface. This is an integral key that I want to work on in my practice.

window-frames-fringe-festival-melbourne 2010


This painting "beguiled" has been entered into the Fringe Festival Melbourne 2010, for the art competition "Window Frames" of the Sydney Road Brunswick Association.
I am thrilled that it got through. It was one of my strongest work done in 2008. 

(quoted from my blog at http://abstractartdawnlim.blogspot.com) This blog is no longer updated, but my blog at dawnlim.com.au   is maintained now.

Bird in the bush


oil on canvas
0.9 m X 0.9 m

Before I paint, I always ask for the Lord's help to inspire me to enjoy the process, and to tell the truth I really just play. I loved this painting as it came together. I felt it was a good painting, I liked the colours and the little face that appeared to the left of the bird. This painting gradually appeared over a couple of weeks and it was made in exactly the same way I have described before, making marks and going with the flow.



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